Kohelet - A Meditation in Four Parts

by Immortal Machinery

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Kohelet is a four part composition featuring electric violin, organ and vocals (Steph K), upright and electric bass (Mat G) and special guest James Wise on drums. It retells the book of Ecclesiastes for a modern, musically inquisitive audience; the source material is at times bleak, esoteric and unforgiving - but ultimately concludes with a message of hope.


released January 22, 2019

Steph K - lyrics and melody
Violin, viola, organ, vocals

Mat G - arrangement and production
upright and electric bass

James Wise
special guest drummer


all rights reserved


Track Name: Kohelet 1
I, I was the King
I, I was the preacher
I, I had it all, to the people a spiritual teacher
On an unfeeling earth man's body breaks in toil
No inheritance, no legacy, only nature's endless turmoil
Havel Havelim (HEBREW: meaningless, all is meaningless)

I, I was the King
I, I was the architect
I, I was their luminary
A man of renown, worthy of praise and respect
And though I walked proudly as chief among the wise
The fool and I are destined for the very same demise
Havel Havelim

A time to be born and a time die
I surrender to the power that no man may dare deny
A time to sow and a time to reap
He may strike me where I stand or He may take me in my sleep
A time to kill and a time to heal
I bow before your majesty and accept the hand you deal
Havel Havelim
Track Name: Kohelet 2
Havel Havelim, still the lament of my heart
I wished for the comfort of those who depart
Better to be poor and know wrong from right
Than to reach for the throne, for Earth's foolish might

And the growl in my stomach, it never dies down
The hole in my pocket's never sewn
In the palace, in the field, in fine suits or rags
Makes no difference when you're on your own

The fool says much and breaks from his word
The poor man sleeps well while the rich is perturbed
Yet down they all go, bare just as they were born
Champagne and caviar, or a bowl full of corn

Build it up or tear it down
Do you feel any joy when you wear your crown
The more words you say, the less it seems to mean
Beginning and end, questions in between
Track Name: Kohelet 3
Do the tears in your eyes make you feel afraid
Do you run from the funeral bell?
When the wise man pleads O heed his words
For fools laugh their way into hell
The day of joy belongs to the Lord
But so do the days of toil
I've seen the truth in its beauty and pain
And I cannot help but recoil

The money you saved has lost its worth
Your house lies haunted and empty
No kings, no deeds in the land of the dead
Sheol laughs at your times of plenty

In the court of the king I can but kneel
I only await His command
While war and wind, destroyers of man
All mock the things that we'd planned
Fate, capricious, unfeeling, blind
Leaves riches at iniquity's door
So drink for today, drink for tonight
Tomorrow only sees you wanting more

No might, no power, no riches, no honour
Nothing greater than time and chance
Every beast, every army, every man, every king
To its cold, cold beat we dance
Track Name: Kohelet 4
The words of the teacher, the preacher, the sage
In sorrow, in rage, remain the same
From whence he came, ring in the night
In fevered dream “Havel Havelim”

The fool can corrupt, make you lose your way
Interrupt and beguile the discourse of the wise
As drowning flies carry rot on their wings
A folly so small can destroy many things
Upon what you build, and that which you pursue
Your blood may be spilled, may cause you to fall
And nothing at all shall break your descent
They only shall tell of how far down you went

Create, invest, grow your empire
Plans laid best, He may yet bring to dust
Rot and rust, it may rise, it may fall
The Lord Almighty owes you nothing at all
And the vigour of youth, may it gladden your heart
Before the day of truth, the darkness overshadows
When man knows, at last that he means nothing at all
When man knows, at last that he is ever so small

He will reveal, He will expose
When great men kneel, when the stars grow dim
Before Him, aligned in mourning procession
Blinding wisdom and justice offers little concession
Has not all been said, and not all been done?
Under the sun, is there anything new?
O righteous few, on the path you tread
You are washed, you are clean, because He bled
The words of the preacher, the teacher, the sage
No sorrow, no rage, remain the same
From whence he came, ring in the night, in fevered dream
Havel Havelim

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